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FAQ  about purchasing on

Are our products made in the USA?
Our Hoodies and T-shirts are made by Gildan. We use the design & printing services of a local vendor.
Our Mugs and other items are designed in-house and use a USA based printing service.

Can we purchase items in places other than online?
At this time we can only offer our items online.

Do you take mail orders?
At the present time we can only take orders online through paypal.  In the future, we may offer additional ways to order. In the near future, we hope to have an online order blank that you can download and send with your check.
It says that some orders may take 3-4 weeks for delivery. Why so long?
First, that is an extreme estimate. However, we run a small business out of our home, so we keep just a very small inventory of our items. Therefore, if you place an order for an item that we do not currently have in stock, we must place an order through our vendors. 
Hoodies and T-shirts take less than a week for us to receive them from our local vendor. Mugs and other items might be up to two weeks for us to receive them from our national vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising on

Why do I need “web exposure?”
The purpose of a website is to give your business exposure to people who may not know of your business, especially outside of the area. Also, it gives locals a place to find out more about your business (hours of operation, specialties, etc)
In this day and age, very few people take the time to thumb through the Yellow Pages looking for a particular business. They simply go to the internet to get the information they are looking for through a Google or Bing search. Even the Yellow Pages is on the internet! (They charge $600/yr for 1/2 page ad)

I have a Website, Why do I need an Ad on ShopOnaway?
If you have a website, then an ad gives you added web exposure which gives a better Google ranking and more “hits.” Google also looks for links back to your website; ShopOnaway ads serve this function.
Also, Google will pick up search words and phrases from your ad it may not find on your website in which case your shoponaway ad will be listed by Google whereas your website may not, and of course, the reverse will also be true. Under differing search criteria, you are increasing your chances of winding up in the Google search results.

I don’t have a website, can ShopOnaway still help me?
If you do not have a website, a ShopOnaway ad will give you much needed web exposure to people outside of the immediate Onaway area who may not know about your business and provide locals with information.
Your ad is set up with its own page on ShopOnaway and Google will index it and list your page in it’s search results.

Now that the Onaway Chamber is back in operation, why do I need a website or ad?
The Chamber of Commerce is a very good organization and we encourage you to join. However, it mainly promotes by making referrals from e-mails & phone calls, but only if the Chamber office is open. Your exposure to the world wide web and the benefits therein, will be limited by just being under the Chamber listings. We encourage you to join the local Chamber to have your voice heard in the local community and to support the Chamber in its community functions. However, you still need to advertise and will still need  exposure on the web. Plus, your exposure is 24/7.
ShopOnaway is an inexpensive method to advertise to locals and those prospective customers outside of the
      Onaway area.

I have a Facebook Account. Why do I need a website or ad on ShopOnaway?
The answer to this is quite simple. Facebook works best for those people who already know your business name & are members of  Facebook. If they are not a Facebook member, they do not have access to all your information.

How much will an Ad cost on ShopOnaway?
$48/year for Commercial businesses & Artists ($4/mo. $.13/day); $36/yr for renewals. $24/yr for Non-Profits and Crafters; $20/yr for renewals. Businesses, where else can you get this kind of exposure for $.13/day and even less for a renewal?
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