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Books by Northern Michigan Author, Christopher Chagnon
The Chandlerville Chronicles by Onaway author Christopher Chagnon

"The Dregs of Presque Isle," The Ghosts of Presque Isle," & "The Soldiers of Presque Isle"
The books of the Chandlerville Chronicles
Book 2 of the Chronicles:

The Ghosts of Presque Isle

The second novel in the Chandlerville Chronicles: When the Cosette family moved into the old Maloney house they didn’t know what secrets were held inside, pent up on purpose for thirty-five years. Chris Cosette's discovery of Liam Maloney’s diary in the attic leads him on a frightening voyage of revelation and terror. Presque Isle County’s horrifying history and a century old cult of vigilantes play into Chris, his two brothers, and their friends becoming targets of the cult... for murder. "For as long as the sun and moon shine in the sky!”
Book 3 of the Chronicles:
The Soldiers of Presque Isle
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The third novel in the Chandlerville Chronicles.

Chris Cosette loved his teenage life in the quaint northern Michigan town of Chandlerville, but an old enemy wants him dead. He has to leave immediately. What happens next is an odyssey of hopping trains, and defending himself against murderous villains he encounters in a hobo camp deep within the dangerous city of Detroit. Eventually, he exchanges identity with an Army deserter he meets, leading him to a new life as a counterfeit soldier in the midst of a terrible battle in Vietnam, 1967.

Book 1
The Dregs of Presque Isle
, combines suspense & intrigue, with laughter.....

From the back cover:
Chandlerville was a pleasant northern Michigan town in 1963... or was it? Three teenage brothers, sons of the local mortician, spend an adventurous summer picking up dead bodies, serving as altar boys, camping in the wilderness... and discovering a case of dynamite .....

At summer's end, a war between the Fort Boys and their rivals, the Frenchtown Gang pits knives and chains against homemade bows and arrow... Can the boys defend and conquer the day, or will they become doomed to the embalming table?

The chilling story of illegal whiskey running, corruption, and revenge in Northern Michigan during Prohibitition.

Christopher Chagnon
is a well known Northern Michigan professional photographer and formerly the team photographer of the Detroit Tigers, who now devotes much of his time to writing. Previously he has published several short stories. The Dregs of Presque Isle is his first novel. He and his wife of over 40 years reside full time just north of Onaway, where Chris enjoys the outdoor life that the area offers.