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Books by Northern Michigan Author Ralph L. Moore
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A Book about the Auto Industry and UAW by
a career auto worker and UAW member

Anyone who has worked in a midwest manufacturing plant in the last 50 years will enjoy this book. If you have never worked in such a plant, then read Ralph's book to gain the experience. Through prose and  original poems, Ralph brings the sounds and smells of the factory to life.

This is a story that looks inside one the the worlds largest manufacturing plants, Ford's famous River Rouge Center.

Northeast Michigan's Blue Collar Author and Poet

Born in Detroit and raised in Northern Michigan, Ralph Moore spent 33 years working for Ford Motor Company and Rouge Steel in Dearborn.

He now resides on the Upper Black River near Onaway, Michigan with his wife Debra. He has two grown children.

"Welcome to Northern Michigan, USA"
Is a charming book about the everyday culture and activities of the people of Northeast Michigan.

If you were born in Northern Michigan, this book will bring back memories. If you have never been here, this book will make you want to visit!

Playing AAU and High School basketball in a big time program, such as Plymouth Canton and Salem’s, where there were over 4,000 students, wasn’t easy. There were many pitfalls. It wasn’t always fun for these young ladies trying their best to keep their hard driving coaches happy by playing great, top-notch basketball. It demanded a year round commitment. It was also a constant struggle to maintain high grade point averages while not always getting a good nights sleep.
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