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Onaway Crafts, Tracey's Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap

Tracey's Sensitive Skin Laundry soap is
Safe for sensitive skin, great cleaning power, inexpensive!
"My husband, has extremely sensitive skin and I can only use expensive commercial detergents made for sensitive skin.
If I use a regular detergent, he immediately breaks out in a rash.

As an experiment, I tried some of Tracey's Laundry Soap without telling my hubby. Not a complaint out of him and his clothes were as clean as if I had used the commercial brands"

Tracey's Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap, Cleans like the name brands but with no skin irritation that harsh laundry detergents sometimes cause on more sensitive skin. Try a jar and notice the difference. Clean clothes, clear skin!
Quart jar- Up to 64 loads; $5.00;
Pint jar-Up to 32 loads, $3.50;
1/2 Pint jar- Up to 16 loads, $ 2.00.

If you return the jar,you get $.50 discount on next jar of any size.

Call: (231) 420-3904