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About ShopOnaway, the online gift store for Onaway & Ocqueoc Falls T-shirts, Mugs & Ball Caps

Over the last few years, we have had a small business consulting firm that offered customer service training, marketing, and website design for businesses of the Onaway, Michigan Area. Being retired, this small business kept us busy and was something where we could control our working hours, giving us plenty of free time to pursue our other interests.

One thing that occurred to us over the years of visiting the businesses of Onaway, there was no place to buy a good selection of Onaway gifts or souvenirs.  The Onaway area is unique, beautiful, and an outdoor paradise. We wanted to share our adopted home and its variety of outdoor pursuits and beauty  with friends and relatives. So then, naturally, if we felt this way, surely there must be others who feel the same way.

Giving this idea further thought and being marketing specialists, we felt that in this day of the world wide web, maybe businesses and community organizations would also like to share their information with others around the state, who may be visiting the area or who may be looking for a place to relocate or retire. We wanted to give them a low cost option to get web recognition without a website. So we are giving them an opportunity to purchase a large, search engine optimized (seo) ad. Even if you have a website, an ad on our ShopOnaway site will give you better search engine recognition. Want a full blown website?  We still do that also!  So if in the  Onaway area, please patronize these businesses and community minded organizations.

Finally,  for people who have visited the area, we felt they needed a place to buy souvenirs after the fact, or a convenient way find that "favorite place" they stayed at or ate at,  in anticipation of a return visit or to share with friends who also might want to visit the area.

Hence, became Rainy River Consulting's latest project.

We are just getting started, so please come back often and see what else we have to offer. If interested in getting your business or non-profit organization in the  web search engine index please send us an e-mail.

Help us spread the word about what a great place Onaway is to live and play. Send our products to family and friends and list your business or organization with us today.


Bev and Gary